After years of being a sub-contracted window installation company we have decided to start marketing our services directly to the public. We have installed thousands of windows and are experts in every aspect of window and door replacement. Family owned and operated, we handle every project start-to-finish in house with no sub-contracting. Virginia Class A licensed we are able to handle any size project from whole home replacements to single units. We have the experience necessary to guarantee the highest quality craftsmanship using premium products at fair prices.

Over the years of installing windows we have seen and heard many complaints about the way other companies handle their sales, install, and customer service. Here is a list of common complaints that we want to eliminate from the window and door purchasing process.

High Pressure Sales Tactics

  • I couldn't get the sales guy from (Big Company) to leave. He kept telling me this special deal was only available today. I felt pressured and uncomfortable in my own home. The quote was ridiculously high, I just wanted him to leave.

Our Solution - Potomac Windows & Doors will not pressure you to make an on the spot decision. We feel confident that if you compare our quality of work, products, and price to our competitors that you'll chose us. So no pressure!! All quotes are good for 60 days.

Bait and Switch

  • The price they advertised was a stripped down model without the necessary options and materials to properly complete the job, the actual price for a good product and completed job ended up being well over twice as much as advertised.

Our Solution - Any price advertised, offered, or quoted will always be a premium product with every energy saving option available. We promise to include all the materials and labor to complete the project to the highest standards.

Companies Who Only Sell

  • The guy who sold the job didn't do anything after he left, I wish I could have just hired you guys directly.
  • My neighbor used (Company), I decided to use them but got a different installation crew.

Our Solution - Potomac Windows & Doors is NOT a group of salesmen who sub out the actual work. As an installer owned company we handle every aspect of the replacement process, so you'll always know who will be contacting you and who will be performing the work.